Hallo, Spaceboy! Hallo, Spacegirl! This is the portal before the blog. I am finally starting to 'get' WordPress, a little. That's good, because it is an upgrade to my old school sites.

  I rather like CloudyNights, StarGazers Lounge, and Astronomy Forum - lots of members and history, information there already - Go, join, enjoy!  They are our favorite sites.  Links are on the right - no excuses!

  I want to thank you for peeking in. I also want to thank you for anything you've ever posted that I have read or have yet to read. The Astronomy community embodied @ CN, SGL, AF has to be the keenest bushel of peaches ever. I am impressed by you all, I truly am. I am grateful for the time you spend to share your knowledges, experiences and spare equipment.